Penny and Snicker

Arrived December 26th Litter Reserved

Bailey and Hale's Labradoodles Bentley 

Arrived January 6th Litter Reserved

​​​We use "Breeders Edge" for Healthier Moms....Healthy Newborns, available at

We will add these litters to the above list with pictures as soon as we have the due dates once they have been bred.  We do our best to estimate the month we expect to breed a girl, but heat cycles can vary as much as 2-3 months. We ask you to be flexible on the timing as we do the best we can however, Mother Nature has final say! 

Planned Breedings 2021  Litters

 Luna and TBA

Nyla and TBA

Diana and TBA

Lily and Snicker

Pip and Snicker

Ginger and Finn

Jingle and Snicker 

Kaleia and TBA

Bella and TBA

Anna and TBA

Peanut and Snicker

Clover and Snicker

Bailey and TBA

Penny and TBA

Delta Breeze Australian Labradoodles puppies are raised in loving homes, either ours or possibly the guardians. They receive lots of love and the proper socialization from birth.  Our dogs have been  extensively health tested before they are bred, ensuring you are being provided with the healthiest puppy possible.   We welcome questions and inquiries, we also accept advance reservations on our litters as they fill up fast.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook for more fun photos.  

Current Litters:


Clover and Snicker 

Arrived January 7th Litter Reserved

We are an ALAA (Australian Labradoodle Association of America)

Approved Labradoodle Breeder  

​​​​Planned Litters for 2021~ THESE LITTERS HAVE YET TO BE BRED ~

Julz and Assie L's Finn @Brookside Labradoodles

Arrived December 20th Litter Reserved

PUPPIES – Current estimated wait time for a puppy is 4-8 months.  We now operate with a general reservation list. We are no longer able to offer reservations for puppies from specific litters.   

We will notify families on our reservation list of upcoming due dates and availability, as soon as a pregnancy is confirmed.  Notification will be made based on deposit date. The typical wait time for a puppy is between 4 and 8 months, depending on how flexible you are with the specific gender, color/markings, or other qualities that you desire in your puppy.  PLEASE KNOW:  We are NOT a KENNEL - all of our dogs live in different guardian homes as cherished pets!!!

NOTE: We have more matings planned that should result in puppies available to go home in 2021. Please be aware that we are at the mercy of Mother Nature with regard to timing and as to whether a pairing actually results in a pregnancy.  Neither can we guarantee gender or color shades in any specific litter. We do reserve the right to switch the stud in any pairing to produce a comparable litter to one previously planned. In addition, we also reserve the right to take first pick of any puppies that are of exceptional breeding quality to advance the betterment of our Australian Labradoodle breeding program. 
Depending on the timing and size of a litter, as well as the need to satisfy customers at the top of the list who may have had to switch litters, it is possible that a litter may not get posted.  However, we do our best to provide you with your "perfect puppy." Please contact us with your preferred puppy wish list and we will let you know whether there might be such a pup in an upcoming litter.

Placing a deposit will add you to our reservation list and constitutes your  acceptance of our policies as described above.  In the event that you decide not to accept a puppy from the next available litter, you do have the option of moving your deposit to a subsequent litter.  You will be placed back on the reservation list to wait for another litter. We try our very best to ensure you get the puppy of dreams.

Molly and Golden Gates Kermit

Due March 1st-5th Litter Reserved

 Updated January 26, 2021

Mother Nature has the final say in all planned breeding.  Because of this, timing of a heat cycle or litter may not always go as planned.  We ask that you please be patient with this process.   We work hard to be sure all families are happy.   If a reservation list is full and we have more puppies than expected, we will re-open the reservation list.   In a rare occasion that we have fewer puppies than expected, we will give those families top priority on another available reservation list of their choice.

Our Mini and Medium Size Australian Labradoodle puppies  are loved by our family so they will be ready for  yours. They  are gorgeous.

Peanut and Snicker 

Arrived January 12th Litter Reserved

Chloe and Golden Gates Kermit

Arrived December 19th Litter Reserved

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Current Litters 2021

ALAA Gold Paw

PUPPY FEE for Mini and Medium Size Australian Labradoodle puppies (puppy) is $2,900.00 as of July 1, 2020 plus Ca Sale Tax. The $500.00 deposit will be deducted from this amount when the final payment is due.  Puppy fee includes Microchip fee valued at $60.00, spay/neuter contract, first worming treatments and vaccination, one or two health exams by our veterinarian before puppy leaves for his new home, a 2 year health guarantee, and a packet of starter items that includes training treats, stuffed animal toy, blanket, and sample of puppy food. See "Puppy Application" Page for Credit Card and payment options.