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Red labradoodle Puppy with Grandkids


My name is Karen, my husband Mike and I live with our doodles in Clarksburg, California. I'll try and be brief with my story which leads to my passion for labradoodles, I was first introduced to the Labradoodle breed during my son's lengthy hospital stay in Palo Alto, California. It was LOVE at first sight!!! 

My 34 year old son Tim passed away Sept 17, 2013, from complications of a double lung 
transplant due to his diagnosis of pulmonary fibrosis in January, 2011.  Needless to say it was a nightmare.  Tim has two children ages 17 and 12 that now spend countless hours with my husband, myself and our doodles! During the long periods of Tim's hospital stays, we were fortunate enough to meet a beautiful labradoodle. Generally dogs are not allowed on the hospital transplant floors, but because we are such dog lovers as well as the severity of Tim's illness we were allowed canine visits. The minute I saw him, I was hooked head over heels in love with the breed.  After Tim's passing I experienced a loneliness like never before. However, in the back of my head I could almost hear the calling to learn more about this breed. Thus my research began, I researched the breed and found the answer for my instant connection to these beautiful animals, they are truly delightful, loving, intuitive little clowns who can steal your heart in a moments glance!  

I submitted an application to become a guardian/forever home to a beautiful female  multigeneration  labradoodle puppy. Our hearts will never be the same. Since her arrival I have developed a deep love and passion for my dog/breed and have decided this is not only my mission but my desire and passion to start,  a quality labradoodle breeding business.  If I am able to help others so they too may experience the love and joy of owning such a wonderful companion then I will have accomplished my mission. 

My commitment to keeping this breed as pure and healthy as possible is my top priority along with providing the dogs with lots of love and compassion and only selecting the same when considering placement.

I recently retired from working 27 years for the state, to stay home and take care of my son, I always knew I'd find something to do.  I never dreamed my desire to become a Labradoodle mom is what would find me. 

Our breeding dogs, including my guardian girl Rosie are all graduates earning their AKC Star Puppy Award, and two are continuing on to earn their Good Citizen award.

At Delta Breeze Labradoodles we want to help you in finding the perfect new puppy for your family!  We also want to ensure that each puppy is welcomed into a caring and loving home.

We are a Sacramento labradoodle puppy breeder but we welcome families from all parts of the U.S.  

Clarksburg Delta Bridge
Life's too short not to share it with a labradoodle! 

At Delta Breeze Labradoodles, we have quality puppies that you will love.

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Grandkid holding mini labradoodle puppies; Puppies are red, parti white and brown and parti red and white markings
3 labradoodle puppies with Grandkid - 2 red and one parti white and brown markings
Grandkid with Red Labradoodle Puppy