Delta Breeze Labradoodles

Authentic Australian Labradoodles

Guardian Opportunities

​Our Australian Labradoodle breeder program is designed around the use of guardian homes for our Australian Labradoodle puppies.

This program is designed to benefit everyone involved, the puppy, the guardian home, and us as an Australian Labradoodle breeder. We are so thankful for our guardian homes and are always in need of others that are interested, so that we can continue the successful way our breeding program works without ever needing to kennel raise a dog.

Our children have never known life without dogs. We are not a kennel-based facility. All of our breeding labradoodles live in approved guardian homes. It's important to us that all of our breeding dogs enjoy a regular family life.

Labradoodles are social animals who adore their families, who want to be with them, involved in their daily lives and participating as loved family members. By placing them in a home environment that will be their forever home from the time they are puppies, or by placing as a young adult, we are doing our best to ensure their happiness and best start in life.

If you live within 1-2 hours of Sacramento, CA, own a home with a secure fenced yard, and are interested in the full details of the program, please give us an email.